Photo Credit: Echo Photo

Photo Credit: Echo Photo

“Seattle-based singer songwriter Wren brings a wonderfully addictive style of folk music to our ears. Her melodies are rich and her voice even a richer kind of sweetness. The songs are all a joy in their own way, taking the sounds of traditional music and keeping them moving with just the right dose of optimism and perseverance.
Ear to the Ground Music (full review)

Wren is just as much poet as musician. Her dreamy, nature-filled lyrics take you on adventures, bring you to tears, and make you smile. Wren’s warm soprano and lilting guitar make Bone Nest a perfect soundtrack for our misty Pacific Northwest winters.”
-DJ Kitty, KSER 90.7 FM, Everett, WA

“[Bone Nest is] a refreshing change from the commercial material we hear on the radio. The songs are very well arranged and the album very well put together. Not only is the music good as well as the performance, but the production is good as well. The story telling and atmosphere that is created makes it a really nice listening album. Wren is a beautiful musical artist and has a very sincere passion for her music and a good feel for her minstrel style of singing and guitar playing.”
-Greg Bennet, The Victory Review

“[Wren has] developed a stylistic approach from an old-world culture and has provided music lovers with an evocative strong set of arousing songs… Wren’s finger-picking / classical guitar…sews fine threads of lovely music, storytelling lyrics and distinctly original vocalizing…Dazzlingly original lyrics…absolutely wonderful allusions… It makes one hunger for the next album. If Wren puts on a live show as lively as she records her songs, she is definitely going to be special.”
-John Apice, No Depression (full review)

“The title and cover are derived from the catchy “Hand-Sewn Ocean.” I can’t get the chorus of that song out of my head already for a long time. But the album is full of beautiful music. My favorites change frequently, I think the characteristic of an outstanding album.”
-Theo Volk, Johnny’s Garden, The Netherlands (full review)

“It’s so easy during laid-back shows where a majority of your audience is sitting, drinking, and probably with a group, to start your own conversations and forget you’re actually at a show, but that did not seem to be the case during Wren. Once you tuned in, you were captured.”
No Cover Seattle

“Seattle singer-songwriter’s heartfelt love letter to Galicia. Easy-on-the-ear arrangements feature cello, piano, violin, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, and her own classical guitar…”
fRoots Magazine review of Stitch an Ocean

The “messages of the lyrics are deep and leave a lot to the imagination.”
Ana Lete Journalism, Review of “The Road You Thought You Knew”

Darkly Flourishing: Wren’s Galician Folk Kickstarter
Interview with Stackedd Magazine

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